Rejuvenating Grasslands and Healing the Planet

Welcome to Roots of Resilience, formerly the Pacific Northwest Center for Holistic Management (PNCHM). We are part of a global network of organizations created to promote the large-scale restoration of the world’s grasslands.

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Today we face the increasing threats of desertification, biodiversity loss and climate change complicated by the need to feed billions of people. We depend upon agriculture to do this but currently we produce more eroding soil than food! The vast majority of land in the world is not used for crops. We believe that by the use of properly managed livestock in these areas, we can address all of those problems. The process we use to make management decisions regarding our land and animals is Holistic Management.

Healing the planet is not just about land and livestock. It’s also about building capacity and empowering people to make sound decisions that benefit the triple bottom line – humans, economics, and the environment – now and for future generations.

Roots of Resilience has a skilled, passionate, and experienced team with diverse backgrounds to support these initiatives.  We are part of the Savory Network. To learn more about our work, please Contact Us

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Rejuvenating Grasslands and Healing the Planet